Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses

(by Brandon Smith/ It is undeniable; the final collapse triggers are upon us, triggers alternative economists have been warning about since the initial implosion of 2008. In the years since the derivatives disaster, there has been no end to the absurd and ludicrous propaganda coming out of mainstream financial outlets and as the situation in markets becomes worse, the propaganda will only increase. This might seem counter-intuitive to many. You would think that the more obvious the economic collapse becomes, the more alternative analysts will be vindicated and the more awake and aware the average person will be. Not necessarily…

In fact, the mainstream spin machine is going into high speed the more negative data is exposed and absorbed into the markets. If you know your history, then you know that this is a common tactic by the establishment elite to string the public along with false hopes so that they do not prepare or take alternative measures while the system crumbles around their ears. At the onset of the Great Depression the same strategies were used. Consider if you’ve heard similar quotes to these in the mainstream news over the past couple months…Read more from Zero Hedge

A Volcanic Eruption That Reverberates 200 Years Later

(by William J. Broad) In April 1815, the most powerful volcanic blast in recorded history shook the planet in a catastrophe so vast that 200 years later, investigators are still struggling to grasp its repercussions. It played a role, they now understand, in icy weather, agricultural collapse and global pandemics — and even gave rise to celebrated monsters.

Around the lush isles of the Dutch East Indies — modern-day Indonesia — the eruption of Mount Tambora killed tens of thousands of people. They were burned alive or killed by flying rocks, or they died later of starvation because the heavy ash smothered crops.

More surprising, investigators have found that the giant cloud of minuscule particles spread around the globe, blocked sunlight and produced three years of planetary cooling. In June 1816, a blizzard pummeled upstate New York. That July and August, killer frosts in New England ravaged farms. Hailstones pounded London all summer…Read more from The New York Times

Yellowstone Road Melts — New ‘geothermal feature’ causes road deformations

A well used road at the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is melting due to a new “geothermal feature” forming below ground.

This has happened before, however this time around, instead of blaming it on “hot weather” / “the sun” , officials are admitting the melting of the road is actually due to a new geothermal feature taking form.

Now , July 17 2015, Upper Terrace Drive near Mammoth Hot Springs is closed, measured with subsurface soil temperatures exceeding 152F / 69C…Read more from Dutchsinse

The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015

(by Michael Snyder) I have never done anything like this before. Ever since I started The Economic Collapse Blog in late 2009, I have never issued any kind of “red alert” for any specific period of time. As an attorney, I was trained to be level-headed and to only come to conclusions that were warranted by the evidence. So this is not something that I am doing lightly. Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent. Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015.

To clarify, when I say “imminent” I do not mean that it will happen within the next 48 hours. And I am not saying that our problems will be “over” once we get to the end of 2015. In fact, I believe that the truth is that our problems will only be just beginning as we enter 2016.

What I am attempting to communicate is that we are right at the door of a major turning point. About this time of the year back in 2008, my wife and I went to visit her parents. As we sat in their living room, I explained to them that we were on the verge of a major financial crisis, and of course the events that happened a few months later showed that I was right on the money…Read more from The Economic Collapse Blog

Military eyeing former Cold War mountain bunker as ‘shield’ against EMP attack?

Cheyenne Mountain Complex
New concerns are being raised that the nation’s electrical grid and critical infrastructure are increasingly vulnerable to a catastrophic foreign attack — amid speculation over whether officials are eyeing a former Cold War bunker, inside a Colorado mountain, as a “shield” against such a strike.

North American Aerospace Defense Command is looking for ways to protect itself in the event of a massive electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack — a deliberate burst of energy that could disrupt the electrical grid and cripple NORAD’s ability to defend the nation.

“What it could do, these various threats, is black out the U.S. electric grid for a protracted period of months or years,” warned Peter Pry, executive director of the EMP Task Force, a bipartisan congressional commission. “Nine out of ten Americans could die from starvation, disease and societal collapse, if the blackout lasted a year.”…Read more w/video from FOX news

Could Tesla’s Powerwall Batteries Really Take You off the Grid?

Tesla Battery
(by Ryan Egan) This past week, Tesla unveiled one of the most exciting advancements in renewable energy. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced the Powerwall, a battery for your home or business to provide you with backup power when you need it most. The intent behind the battery is to store excess solar energy for use when the sun goes down.

The battery is much smaller than you would think. It mounts to your wall and looks like a piece of art (pictured above). You could even coin the Powerwall as a smartbattery, as it comes loaded with a “liquid thermal control system and software” that allows the consumer to choose when they want to use the Powerwall’s stored energy. For example, instead of utilizing its energy during the evening, a consumer could choose to pull power from the battery during peak times when electricity from the grid is most costly.

The Powerwall comes in two energy storage variants, 10 kWh and 7 kWh. According to Tesla, the ” 10kWh [is] optimized for backup applications” while the “7kWh [is] optimized for daily use applications.” They’re also not nearly as expensive as you would expect. The 7kWh variant will cost $3,000 while the 10 kWh variant will cost $3,500 dollars. That does not include the inverter nor installation costs of the battery. (I probably wouldn’t recommend installing this yourself. Thousands of watts of energy and human bodies don’t typically go well together.)…Read more from TechSmash

Tesla announces new battery storage system to power homes

(by Doug G. Ware) LOS ANGELES — Tesla Motors on Thursday announced that it’s broadening its aim of revolutionizing your car to revolutionize your home — with a new battery system that might save you a lot of money on your power bill.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the Powerwall Home Battery system at midnight Thursday in the company’s Los Angeles area design studio. In accordance with its automotive philosophy, Tesla intends the new devices to improve homes and businesses and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

“This is within the power of humanity to do,” Musk told an audience gathered at Tesla’s design center in a Los Angeles suburb. “We have done things like this before. It is not impossible…Read more from United Press International | More info from Tesla website

Russian Analyst Calls For Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park

(by Paul Joseph Watson) Russian geopolitical analyst Konstantin Sivkov has called for Moscow to launch a nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas fault line, noting that the devastating consequences would ‘disappear’ the United States as a country.

Sivkov made the comments in a piece for Russian trade newspaper VPK News, which were translated by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Arguing that NATO aggression against Russia required the “complete destruction of the enemy,” Sivkov went on to depict a chilling scenario.

“Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears,” he said.

A Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would kill millions of people in the initial blast and bury much of the United States in volcanic ash. According to some experts, it could cause the end of the world. The last time a supervolcano exploded in Siberia, 85 per cent of all land species and 95 per cent of all ocean dwellers were completely wiped out…Read more from Infowars

Report: Iran Prepared for Nuclear EMP Attack on US

(by Joel Himelfarb) The issue of an Iranian nuclear strike that could do immense damage to the United States was raised in Israel this week in an opinion piece by U.S. analyst Peter Vincent Pry warning of the possibility of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack targeting the United States.

In the article, published on the Israeli website Arutz Sheva, Pry warned that “Iranian military documents describe such a scenario — including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States.”

A source said that the textbook discusses an EMP attack on America in 20 different places, the Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard reported Thursday…Read more from Newsmax

Will Europe’s Solar-Powered Grid Survive A Total Solar Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse over Europe is set for Friday and has officials worried about the integrity of the continent’s electrical grid, which is increasingly being powered by solar panels that rely on sunshine to produce energy.

Germany, Europe’s leading green energy producer, is located for better or worse right where the eclipse is set to be most pronounced. Solar panels produce 7 percent of the country’s electricity when it’s bright out, but questions loom about the grid’s performance when the sun blacks out.

For the 75 minute duration of the eclipse Friday morning, Germans will likely see massive power losses due to solar panels not getting enough sun. Solar power usually sees big decreases at the end of the day when the sun goes down, according to the energy company Opower, but utilities expect that and can compensate…Read more from The Daily Caller